Tax Rebates

There’s only one right way to write a tax rebate application. How do we know? Because 100% of our applications get accepted. Although the process appears complicated, our approach is simple: we do what needs to be done to get you every single rebate cent ⧉ you deserve. No tricks, no concessions.

1. Begin at the beginning

We start with investigation. Study your company and your strategy. Dig in to your technology. Meet the team who makes your innovations happen. It takes time and effort to build insight like this. But when the digging is done, this strong foundation will lead to successful applications ⧉. And processes and administration ⧉ that align with your business.

2. Skip the sugar coating

Our competition may say that these applications require complicated language and bureaucratic jargon. That it’s easier to get a tax rebate if you apply for less than you’re entitled to. We know there’s no need for bungling. We want you to sleep well at night, proud of the work you’ve done. So we write clearly, in your company’s voice. And we surprise the tax authorities. They’re not accustomed to that level of honesty. But they can’t deny the clarity of it.

3. Reap the benefits

Our work continues after your first application is accepted. We make sure every re-application stays true to your vision and planning. We keep the rebates coming until your development is complete. And all that work is the perfect preparation for what’s next: even bigger, better tax rebates. Including the Innovatiebox when your innovation hits the market. Because we’ve been planning for it since day one.