Cash-in Subsidies

Applying for cash-in subsidies is like entering an arena. And Horizon Europe is the Colosseum. When only the strongest survive, Scherpe Tanden conquers. Our current performance is 68% ⧉. Because we arm ourselves with everything we need.

1. Prepare the arsenal

Less than 16% ⧉ of the average Horizon Europe applications survive the competition. Only the best of the best are even considered. Scherpe Tanden ensures your application is among them. We find the right match between your plan and Horizon Europe goals. We set our sights on your innovation, its market value, and its impact on your value chain. Then, we develop a strategy to give you the best chance at the right subsidy.

2. Release the lions

Together with you, we prepare a balanced subsidy application. We will focus on innovative excellence, business/societal impact and procedural accuracy ⧉. Your application must be as realistic and consistent as it can be, to withstand the critical eyes of reviewers. From the clarity of your plan to your funding allocation, we check and recheck everything until we're certain we are entering the arena with impenetrable armor.

3. Emerge victorious

Our closest competitors may be satisfied with 'almost' getting to the final selection process. Not us. We want to win. And we do it four times more often than they do. And our applications have benefits that go beyond funding. They are a catalyst, compass and source of inspiration for your stakeholders ⧉ employees to shareholders, clients to partners. Everyone will see the purpose and potential of your innovation.