Scherpe Tanden doesn't believe in free money. We believe in ideas. We know all the paths to turn good plans into financed projects. But we don't walk those paths alone. We don't walk them with everyone. And we don't walk them only in pursuit of a big payoff. Three principles keep us on the right track.

Investing together

Successful tax rebates and grant applications require investment. Of time, money and effort. We invest in the plans most likely to bring a strong return ⧉. We work with clients who are willing to invest in their own ambitions. We maximise success by ensuring that every project we work on is realistic and executable ⧉. That’s how we keep our success rates high, sustain our business and support our families.

Shooting for the bull's-eye

Large grant consultancies can afford to take a 'quantity' approach. They keep their employees busy shooting in the dark, hoping one of their many applications hits the mark. Scherpe Tanden uses sniper-grade precision. We carefully examine your project proposal claims, and only engage if circumstances are right. Our specialists can only invest in a select number of projects at a time. So we either aim for the bull's-eye, or not at all.

Digging deeper

To be successful, we must know your company ⧉ inside and out. Ask critical – sometimes difficult – questions. Test the possibilities. We dig deeply to find the connection between your plans and the funds that will get you there. The moment we believe in your idea, we'll use all our experience to build credible projects and winning applications.

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